Monday, July 19, 2010

Twitter is retarded

Someone secretly nagged me to write something. I've been almost at the cusp of writing something, but I didn't quite make it there each time. I couldn't quite consolidate my random thoughts into an article (yes, that is how random my thought process is).

Anyway, I hate Twitter. It's supposed to be a program where you subscribe to feeds that you want to read. I read almost all my Twitter feeds every day. They are typically stuff I want to read. Often they aren't (I'm probably going to unsubscribe to a few) but that's not a big deal. The signal to noise ratio is pretty good.

Some people subscribe to hundreds of feeds. I subscribe to like 20. How do you read five hundred twitter feeds? That's impossible, unless you're nonstop reading things on Twitter. I doubt most people do that.

The problem is that people treat Twitter like Facebook. Facebook is of course a similar can of worms, but when people reply to you on Facebook, you get notifications and can actually see the reply. In Twitter, that reply comes and goes SO FAST you are most likely just going to miss it. Ugh.

Now there are things you should do with Twitter. If you want maximum SEO, I have a dirty strategy. I'm going to be using it this Friday.

1: Go to the people you read, look at their followers and/or the people they follow. Follow a whole ton of them.

2: After your follower count spikes, unsub all of them. They'll never know and you'll get your tweets posted on a dozen or so new feeds. That means that any hyperlinks you post will pop up on their feeds.

3: If you never read your Twitter, don't unsub all of them. I actually read mine, but if you're using Twitter purely for SEO, just keep them. Anytime anyone else posts a relevant link that gets retweeted on your feed, it'll ramp up your SEO.

I really didn't want to do this, but sadly, this is the way of the internet. Optimal strategies are lame, but I guess that's the sacrifices we have to make.

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