Saturday, May 23, 2009

Actually angry?

This is not such a good post. I'm really irritated at people in general right now.

Redefining Nerds was created with the idea that I could help people. It's life-changing information for people who need a little bit of a push in the right direction. People that read it let me know in IMs and such that it's helped them out quite a bit.

This isn't so much for the people that read this site, because generally if you've actually decided to come here and read, you're probably on the right path. The problem I have is with people I talk to either on websites, in IM, in chat, or in MMOs.

Most people I talk to are okay, honestly. They have a pretty good sense of right and wrong, and understand when they make mistakes. I explain to them what was a good choice when they make a bad one, and they are usually like 'yeah, but blah makes me mad' and so on. This is okay. I feel like most people in the world fall into this category.

The people I can't stand are the selfish, jerkface people that do not have this natural code of ethics. Although they would not believe so unless you told them to their face, they absolutely do not care about anything except what they want. Anything said that they don't agree with is treated as a personal attack, and any personal goals they make are purely selfish. Any selfless actions these people do are only to make themselves look better in the eyes of other people.

Am I bad because I really, really dislike these people? I feel bad because I should not hate anyone. I am frustrated with myself because these people are horrible and I cannot change them, I can only feed their ego with attention. What do I do?

This has frustrated me a lot lately. Should I hate them, shun them? Should I actively seek their downfall? Probably not. But I struggle daily with this sort of dilemma.

What do we do with people who genuinely are only in it for themselves?