Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I need a Hero


Watch that.

The summary: A US Army lieutenant states that he is openly gay because he believes that deception and isolation is wrong. The Army discharges him and he still wants to serve. He's going on trial to plead his case to a military court (we hope).

This dude is a hero. A frickin hero.

I'm so proud of people like this who stand up for what's right even when what is right is really, really hard to stand up for in a place like the military. When I was in the USMC claiming to be gay and coming out was seen as an 'easy out' for people who thought they were in over their heads.

I really don't have a whole lot to say here because this really speaks for itself. It's a clear message to the rest of the world - a guy fighting for his country and is good at what he does is shunned because he swings the other way. If there's anything worth fighting for, it's the liberties that say the only thing that matters is merit - if you're an excellent leader, your sexual preferences should not matter.

George W. Bush said, that he didn't think atheists were Americans. He claimed that he thought America was 'one nation under God' and atheists had no place.

Voters have made the choice for Obama as a black President, and gotten rid of that trash Bush. It's a long road towards making this world a better place, though. Hopefully the Obama administration can help this Army LT get back to his men and keep making them strong warriors.

No, not that kind of warrior.

Short post. Not a whole lot to say because this topic should speak for itself.


  1. Wow...completely stunned by that.

    I don't know what the stance is for the armed forces in my neck of the woods, but that is beyond disgusting.

    VERY brave guy. You're right, he's a hero.

    I wonder what'll happen now it's public enough that the Obama government has to do something...well, here's hoping they DO do something.

  2. Whether or not he succeeds, what he's doing represents a lot of personal sacrifice in the battle against bigotry within the government.
    I honestly think that if the courts make the mistake of shooting him down, they'll be opening their doors for even more criticism and protests from the population, and rightly so.
    If the courts are able to keep an objective viewpoint and see the issues at hand for what they are, they'll realize that there's no good cause to support this kind of discrimination, and it will be a huge leap forward for the nation to reinforce one of the core principles of our society: "All men are created equal."

  3. Yeah.

    That bush comment isn't lying, btw. That really happened, multiple times. It's really that sad, that we had a president who thought like that.

    Fortunately for the courts, he's going in front of the UCMJ and not a civil or political court. So it's a little different than a civillian court might be. It tends to be a lot faster, more brutal, and with a lot less bullshit.