Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Irresponsible Parents and Messed-Up Values

Watchmen came out recently and it has quite a bit of objectionable content. For those of you worried about it, it really deserves its R rating.

But this article is not to talk about Watchmen. It's to talk about parents and values in society today. How many of you guys went to see Watchmen and there were families in the movie? It seems like parents are totally oblivious to taking kids to see an R-rated movie. How many of you guys had parents walk out of the movie?

This is an angry rant because it pisses me off that parents can't do the bare minimum of homework to make sure that an R-rated movie is suitable for their kids. When in doubt - it's not. I'll generally agree that at some point before they reach 17, kids can probably see R-rated movies. But do they really need to see a movie where both genitalia are visible onscreen, and where... well, the violence in Watchmen is really, really gruesome - I'll just leave it there.

The other thing that really pisses me off is the screwed up values of people. Seeing people's hands chopped off or watching people put an axe through someone's head or watching scenes of a dog eating a person's dismembered leg (this is actually tame compared to what happens in the movie, btw) is okay, but seeing a dude naked (including the naughty bits) is not okay? What the hell?

Wait, I'm supposed to have a purpose in this article. Hang on, it's coming to me.

Nah, it's not. Our values are screwed up. While gratuitous sex and violence are probably both bad to observe, is our community that screwed up that something natural is more repulsive than murder, dismemberment, and general pleasure at human suffering?

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